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PACiFiC Initiative

About PACiFiC


The nation's high-consequence infrastructures, such as the power grid, have many systems and devices that monitor and control critical physical processes. However, these control systems, or operational technologies (OT), are static, have legacy components, and are inherently insecure. Adversaries are highly focused on exploiting these systems--the results of which could be devastating.


PACiFiC is combining adaptive principles, cross-domain information, and classic security practices to deliver measurably more secure, reliable, robust, and resilient control systems retaining performance. By unifying disparate data and information from across domains, including human, cyber, communications, and process physics, we have defined and established secure design principles for use in all OT systems across multiple critical infrastructures. We are testing and adjusting adaptive technologies that will proactively stop our adversaries and ultimately create and test an adaptive control framework that is aware of business (process control) requirements. PACiFiC is demonstrating cyber security for operational technology on buildings, power grid, and radiological control systems. While we are focused on these areas, the research foundations are generalizable to broader high-consequence infrastructures such as transportation, water, critical manufacturing, integration of renewables, and more.

PACiFiC Framework


PACiFiC is establishing scientific foundations to understand and shape the grid-cyber-social system, thereby enhancing the understanding, control, and security of our critical infrastructures. In partnership with industry, this effort is driving new and secure products to market through intellectual property and commercialization. PACiFiC is enabling vendors to compete on security, while promoting testing and independent certification. PACiFiC's knowledge and technology will be leveraged to OT missions across multiple sponsor spaces, creating demonstrably more secure and performant control systems throughout the nation.

PACiFiC Overview Flyer